Stronger, more equitable communities through cannabis

Learn how Cookies is contributing to a more equitable industry through public outreach, education, and community reinvestment.


Our values drive the work we do


Social Impact is guided by the communities we serve. Our work is done in partnership with a broad network of individuals and organizations working toward equity.


Building trust takes time. We move with transparency to create lasting relationships built with integrity.


Diversity inspires creativity, growth, and innovation. We seek to empower individuals, teams, and organizations to build a truly inclusive cannabis industry.


We seek out community-led organizations already doing the work, in order to provide resources to enhance these organizations’ capacity for greater impact.

The cannabis industry is not equitable

Black & brown communities have been targeted in the enforcement of cannabis laws

Successful business ownership impacts future generations

Ownership can lead to generational wealth. For the communities most impacted by the War on Drugs, real and lasting change starts with increasing rates of BIPOC-owned cannabis companies.

Getting an equity license is a start, but more support is needed for small businesses to succeed

Check out what social equity license holders from Oakland said in 2021


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